Who am I?

I am an autodidact (a self-taught person).

I am fond of reading and writing (obviously). But I was not born this way; in fact I never liked the idea of staring at books and getting pleasure out of it. I preferred watching cartoons on tv, daydreaming, art work and other interesting stuff. But soon after I started my formal education I realized, I am worthless in the eyes of the world if I don’t study well. I started reading and writing to get approval from my peer and above. Till my last examination, I couldn’t score exceptionally high marks, which I always wanted in order to prove my worth.

But in the process of achieving the highest possible score, I realized that education is more that being the class topper. It is about becoming a better human being, making better choices, by putting into action all the things I learnt from my books.

Moreover, I realized that ignorance is not a bliss, it is a choice. And choosing to be ignorant i.e. not continually educating myself, is equivalent to being just a pawn in the game of chess or just a number in a huge mathematical equation. I chose to be pursue education.

I believe education is an enlightening experience which only requires three things, curiosity, persistence and attitude. That’s it!

I am here just as an exemplary world citizen on my journey to enlightenment and you are most welcome to join me!

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