Seven habits of highly efficient readers

New year generally starts with a New Year’s resolution; and those resolutions generally go down the drain by February. Considering, Contemporology has always encouraged its audience to take up reading. Here are the seven habits that will help you inculcate or strengthen a weak reading habit. 

One. Always carry a book

This might sound obvious, but if you want to inculcate a strong reading habit, you must always carry the book you want to read. Many of you will be tempted to download an ebook or an audiobook, but we all get distracted by irrelevant notifications when using your phones. So it is best to carry the physical copy of the book you want to finish reading.

By doing this, you will be able to read a few pages while commuting, waiting, etc, and read on a regular basis despite a busy schedule. Thence, no longer shall time be a hindrance in keeping you from reading.

Two. Can disconnect from their environment

Most readers have the innate quality of disconnecting from their immediate environment and other wandering thoughts from their minds, and focus on the text in front of them. 

It is like, letting go of everything and walking straight into the book you are reading. In a world full of notifications and distractions, being able to do this is no less than a superpower.

Three. Use your organs proportionately

There are many kinds of readers, with various interests. Irrespective of what they like; all serious readers have one quality in common- their input is more than their output. To elaborate, they read, listen (and think) more than they talk and write.

As my mother always puts it, “you have two ears, two eyes and one mouth, so use your organs proportionately”. She is right, isn’t she?

Four. Always carry a pencil

Reading is a slow yet powerful experience which lets your mind create its vision of the text you are reading. And I believe, no movie, however well directed it is, can have the same effect as that of a book. This, however, does not happen automatically. One has to underline or highlight the text she/he finds important. 

By doing this, you shall at least, consciously or sub-consciously, become aware of what you feel is important and allow yourself to revisit those thought provoking sentences and witty instances. In addition to that, you can also improve your vocabulary.

Five. Perpetually curious

Most readers are inquisitive by nature. And that curiosity drives them to read the things that attract them. Therefore, in order the inculcate reading habit, read about things that naturally interest you or try to develop interest about the subject you want to read about.

Six. Befriend other book worms

Whenever you are doing something new or have undertaken an uphill task, joining hands with people having similar goals, always makes the process easier. Developing or joining a community of bookworms will not only give you the courage and strength to keep it up, but also give you a sense of belonging to the bibliophile community world-wide.

Seven. Share their thoughts and ideas

Whether you are struggling to start reading regularly or you have been reading since you were born, all readers need to discuss what they have read with someone. However, especially if you are new to reading, it is essential for you to befriend fellow bookworms to share your struggles, achievements and thoughts.

Are you too struggling to read on a regular basis? Share you struggles and achievements in the comment section below.

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