The Lowland

(This is for those who have already read the book)

I just finished reading, ‘The Lowland’. While reading I kept wondering why is it titled so, but by the end of it I understood why. The Lowland signifies Udayan’s death. The Lowland which was altered years later with the growing population, but remained unchanged for his family.

I think the whole book revolves around Udayan’s death. His Parents, Subhash, Elisa, Bela, Megha, even Drew were affected by Udayan knowingly or unknowingly. Its intriguing to know how absence of a person is so potent and can permanently change the course of life, while presence is so much better, cherishable yet sometimes taken for granted, is little less potent.

Udayan the mischievous one who knew about the consequences of his actions, driven my passion, overlooked his responsibilities, while Subhash, so similar to Udayan, yet contrastingly different took responsibilities of things done by his brother. He carried out all of them, heartily.

The book is realistically colorless, yet intense. I think most of the people (specially the young ones, like me) will find it alien, because it’s hard to understand the scenario, loosing a loved one, not just breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend (which is as bad as death of a loved one, but after reading this book I realized, it is not) but a husband, son, brother, uncle, etc.

Your opinions are welcome.

Thank you

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