Noteworthy Trivialities #1

The fundamental flaw in our Law and People

noteworthytrivialities-1Not words, but the spirit and nature of the law is India seems to be anthropocentric (meaning, laws made mainly with respect to the interest of Human beings). Obviously, Law are meant to govern us primates and our activities, but look what we’ve done to our surroundings by only focusing on ourselves! Being Anthropocentric is obviously highly regressive and so is the spirit of our law and many people.

I recently came across what Tara Sahgal, Editor-in-Chief of Sanctuary Asia has to say about the same, “Scientifically speaking it is incorrect to say that human life is ‘more important’ than plant and animal life! For example, if all the phytoplankton (microscopic plants) in the ocean were to be destroyed, we would not be able to breathe: Phytoplankton produces more than 50% of Oxygen on Earth!” Meaning all living AND non-living things, irrespective of their appearance or non-appearance are important and must not be looked at from an Anthropocentric perspective only.

What Tara Sahgal said is probably the best and the simplest explanation of a very important environmental ethics principle and also a life principle. It’s acceptance and adaptation will decide our future.

The need for Philosophy

Academically speaking, every subject has a grey area. Take geography for instance. I recently discovered that Mt. Everest is not the highest mountain peak in the world!! I know it sounds nonsensical, but it is true. How? It is because there are various approaches for measuring the highest peaks. For instance:-

  1. If measured from the sea level then undoubtedly Everest is the highest. everest2
  2. If measured from the ground irrespective of the elevation of the ground, i.e. irrespective of whether the land is a plateau or underwater, then the highest peak is the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Keamaunakea2
  3. If measured from the center of the Earth to the peak then the highest peak is Chimborazo volcano in Andes. chimborazo2

This confusion indicates a grey area which is beyond any logical explanation. The same grey area lies everywhere, the most beautiful woman, the fastest developing state, the tallest building, the best movie, the sexiest man alive, etc. This is exactly where we need Philosophy. What is Philosophy? The word is of Greek origin. It is simply philo- love and sophos- wisdom, i.e. love for wisdom.

Philosophy helps us understand that life isn’t black and white, its shades of grey and (strictly speaking) there is no good or bad. Philosophy is that compass, that Elder wand, that light, that superpower that’ll help us sail through.

Mockingjay is for real!

Mockingjay is that fictitious bird in Hunger Games, which can imitate any tune or humanly sounds. In the story it was used by people of District 11 for sending messages home. Well yes, that bird is for real!! The name of the bird is… Bastar Hill Myna ❤ bastar-hill-myna2

Bastar Hill Myna is the state bird of Chhattisgarh, India (that’s my state). It is a master mimic and can copy a wide range of sounds. However unfortunately, their numbers are falling drastically because of its mimicking ability and striking appearance. This bird is unfortunately caught in the crossfire of pet trade. (If you are a pet lover, this is an appeal to you, please don’t buy pets, as it encourages poaching and other illegal activities which has serious consequences- rather adopt animals and take care of them 🙂 )

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6 Replies to “Noteworthy Trivialities #1”

  1. Loved all three of them Aditi.. all subjects with a deep underlying but written with such few words.. very unique.. 🙂 Keep up the good work.. Cheers

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  2. Just discovered your blog……love your style… def have a gift with writing!! Kudo’s Aditi…. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kirk! You just made my day :D… I’m so glad you liked it… Keep visiting and I won’t disappoint you…


  3. Really ur way of expressing and looking at the world is inspiring and different. …loved it 🙂


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