A beginner’s guide to productive day

a-beginners-guide-to-productive-dayIf you are a doer and have big goals, then good time management is the most essential part of your success. When it comes to time management I’m pretty miserable too. In fact sometimes I wonder whether I take breaks while I am working or I work in my break time :p I’ve made so many mistakes when it comes to time management that its not even funny; but I’ve learnt from them. Here are some thoughts on it-

1. Everyday is different, yet everyday counts:

Firstly, one must keep in mind that some days are smooth, while some are rough. Some productive, some not- and we must be prepared to accept that and take it in our stride. Instead of getting disappointed and beating yourself up- just observe that went wrong (don’t even analyze it, just observe) and forgive yourself.

2. Making a day map, everyday:

Day map could be a schedule or a things to do or anything else that you prefer. It must include the important things that you want to do. It need not be intricate, because we are humans and tying ourselves up by the hands of the clock is extremely cruel. One should just know their priorities and must have the freedom to creatively accomplish them.

3. Empty spaces:

If you enter a room full of furniture, you might feel suffocated, even claustrophobic. Similarly, having free time is absolutely essential in your day. friends-productive-dayThis is the time when you don’t do anything at all- no talking on phone, using social media apps, scrolling or swiping or watch random cat videos on You tube.  This is the time to get up, step out, look at your natural environment (not man-made), not even think about your problems. I personally live for these empty spaces- I go chit-chat with someone around me, make them laugh, be silly, drink water, stretch and smile (even if its without a reason).

4. Rewards:

Rewards are the most important things in life, that is something we often take for granted. Reward is often confused with slacking (excessive time wasting). Slacking is certainly to be replaced with productivity, but if you are a slacker (which we all sometimes are) you need to start doing something we absolutely love each day, i.e. our rewards and then slowly start working on priorities.

The intention of reward is to give yourself a treat for working towards your goals and being a good girl/boy in this big bad world.

5. Goal is to make a habit, not mechanize ourselves:

While we are making our day map, it is very important to understand that the goal is to gradually adapt to the new habit we are working on or the new challenge we’ve taken up. I often used to make goals such as, read 9 chapters of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and I wouldn’t even be able to go past chapter one. I would end up beating myself up.

Now I write goals such as, look at the IPC book and check out it’s table of contents. (lol!…but it works!! seriously!!)

Giving little inputs for our goals each day shall help you in leading a balanced and stress-free life as well.

6. Mind game:

This is the most important thing I’ve learnt. So….we are supposed to be the change we want to see in the world. For that, we need to bring a change in ourselves. And change always comes inside-out (not outside-in). So what’s the name of that organ that makes us think and do stuff? (drum-roll please) BRAIN!! (yaaaay!)

We need to be conscious of what we are thinking about most of the times. If majority of your thoughts are about your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ crush or shopping list or (my favorite) day dreaming or anything other than what you are supposed to be doing that day at.the.moment- then you are wasting your brain power.

Constantly or frequently thinking about the goal that you’ve shortlisted for yourself is that beginning of change. Merely writing it down in our to-do list or diaries is not going to help. So jot down your goal/ priorities (so that you know what you need to think about) and keep your goals in mind. Your brain will automatically find ways to get it done.

Wish you a productive day! Ciao ❤

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4 Replies to “A beginner’s guide to productive day”

  1. I think this is such a great post because so often we just go through the day trying to be productive and not focusing on ways to do it effectively. I love the idea of rewarding ourselves honestly and not considering it to be slacking. I make that mistake and love how you word it so it doesn’t feel that way!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com ❤

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    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful. I really hope this helps you in making your day more productive. And in fact if you have similar tips. do share the same with me 🙂


  2. I love the saying that we all get 86,400 seconds (or something like that) a day and it’s up to us to use our time the way that’s right for each of us. I take care of a lot of things in the morning – I journal, I read something inspiring, I meditate – and that leaves me mostly clear for the day to get what needs to be done for others done. 🙂

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