Watchworthy movies #1

watchworthy-moviedMovies are more that a source of entertainment. Some movies inspire you, some teach you by setting an example, some give you a fresh perspective, some make you laugh, etc. There are also movies which have very little of art and more of something else. But don’t get me wrong, we need such movies as well- there is a thriving audience for that too!

A movie is form of art. And a good work of art ALWAYS influences generations. Amidst all the chaos life throws at us, I think it is very important to be choosy about what movies you watch. Am I right or am I right?

Here are a few movies which I was lucky enough to see in the recent past-

Cool Runnings

coolrunningsThis movie is based on 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; where a team of four Jamaicans debuts in a sport called Bobsleigh. This movie is a sports comedy- its a lighthearted and inspirational work of fiction. Though it is based on true events, the nature of the movie and true events are entirely different. The film has a very well balance of humor and inspiration. You can watch on any given day.

Fathers & Daughters


If you liked in Pursuit of Happiness, you will definitely like this one, except that this one is not a typical inspirational movie. This movie is about a Father and Daughter relationship and the diverse range of challenges they face together and individually. Father being Russell Crown who is a Pulitzer winning author and daughter being Amanda Seyfried, who is a psychologist with a traumatic childhood. This might not be an uplifting movie as it explores depths of pain physically and psychologically. but it will certainly widen your perspective of what kinds of problems people face and then maybe your own problems might look smaller.  The movie ends with a line- “Men-they can live without love, but not us women”- well obviously I do not agree with this at any level. Despite that, it is definitely worth your time. (This movie is not suitable for children or teenagers).

Gran Torino


Do you know about Clint Eastwood? Well, I recently discovered him! And I just want to say  shout at the top of my voice, “watch this movie!” He has successfully made it to my list of favorite artists, (hehehe, just kidding) in fact I’m lucky to have discovered him.

So, Grand Torino is a movie about Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) who is a Korean War Veteran. He finds himself in a neighborhood dominated by gang activities and decides to take charge of it. In this process he helps a teenager cope up with life, comes face to face with him own challenges and finally comes up with a clever yet, heartbreaking solution. This movie is going to be a real treat for you, as you can see some brilliant acting, great story, life lessons and much more. In fact, if you like this movie you might want to explore other movies of Clint Eastwood, like Absolute Power, etc.

Life is Beautiful


Its a story of a Jewish family surrounded by Nazi death camps. When you read this sentence, you might be tempted to quickly presume somethings about this movie, but hold on, hear me out…its a comedy-drama. It is difficult to believe, how can a movie on such a subject be a comedy-drama?! But that itself is the beauty of this movie.

I think I have learnt something very important from all the movies listed above. I am so moved that I couldn’t help sharing it with all of you.Thanks to my elder brother Shardul and my parents for introducing me to such art work.

What are you waiting for? Go watch ’em all!

Disclaimer: The post is neither a review nor a critique of any movie, it is a mere recommendation. And above all, it is my personal opinion.

If you like this list let me know by commenting, sharing, liking this post (or following my blog); if you don’t like it let me know why by commenting the section below. Watch this space for more good stuff. Merci 🙂

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