The Hobbit: Noteworthy Quotations

After throughly enjoying this worldwide bestselling book, The Hobbit, I have selected my favourite quotes from the book for you to enjoy.

What replaced Oil as the most valuable commodity?

psst! it’s not solar energy

Climate Change Crisis Simplified

There are two kinds of people in this contemporary world- those who believe that our Earth is warming due to human activities and those who think global warming is a hoax. Lately, however, there has been an evolution of the third category of people. They are the educated ones, with enormous potential. They believe that human induced global warming is real and preach about it, debate about it, but take no action.

Just Cool it! – Noteworthy Quotations

Just Cool It! is the latest book by Ian Hanington and David Suzuki. It is practical guide in understanding climate change a.k.a global warming. The book is divided into two … Continue reading Just Cool it! – Noteworthy Quotations