Harry Potter’s first adventure

Reading Harry Potter as an adult might raise some eyebrows; after all it is categorized as Children’s Fiction, right?

Noteworthy Triviality – Addiction to Stress

We all know that stress is a natural phenomenon to cope up with changes; but never did I ever hear of stress addiction! My first reaction to it was – “Is that even real? Why and how would someone even get that kind of addiction?”

When life gives you a lockdown

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, this lockdown is hitting everyone hard. It is a real test of your patience; either this pressure will make you a much … Continue reading When life gives you a lockdown

Will Artificial Intelligence replace Lawyers and Judges?

Artificial Intelligence revolution, just like the last Industrial Revolution is set to change our lives, demographics and environment forever and maybe even solve some of the most crucial issues of our times.