Crime and Punishment: Favourite Quotes

Welcome book-lovers! I recently finished reading Crime and Punishment and the book contains many thought provoking quotes. I feel, not mentioning them in a separate blog post would be a crime (pun intended! Hehe!) So here are my favourite quotes from the book. I hope you find them intriguing.

She’d live on black bread and water, (but) she would not sell her soul, she would not barter her moral freedom for comfort

Would not one tiny crime be wiped out by thousands of good deeds? For one life thousands would be saved from corruption and decay.

The question whether the disease gives rise to the crime or whether the crime from its own peculiar nature is always accompanied by something of the nature of disease..

When reason fails, the devil helps!

Why in all great towns men are not simply driven by necessity, but in some peculiar way inclined to live in those parts of the town where there are no ardens nor fountains; where there are mostly dirt and smell and all sorts of nastiness

You’ll never improve a man by repelling him, especially a boy

Love yourself before all men, for everything in the world rests on self-interest.

There is nothing you can’t find in Petersburg, except father and mother, there’s everything!

Strength is what one wants, you can get nothing without it, and strength must be won by strength- that’s what they don’t know

Through error you come to the truth! I am a man because I err! You can never reach a truth without making fourteen mistakes and very likely a hundred and fourteen.

To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s

A normal man, it is true, hardly exists. Among dozens – perhaps hundreds of thousands- hardly one is to be met with.

The living soul demands life, the soul won’t obey the rules of mechanics, the soul is an object of suspicion, the soul is retrograde! But what they want through it smells of death and servile and won’t revolt!

You are a great sinner, that’s true, and your worst sin is that you have destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothig.

Poor man’s pride, which compels many poor people to spend their last savings on some traditional social ceremony, simply in order to do “like other people” and not “to be looked down upon”

from a hundred rabbits you don’t make a horse and from a hundred suspicion you don’t make a proof

Do you know to what a point of insanity a woman can sometimes love?


Nothing in the world is harder than speaking the truth and nothing is earier than speaking flattery. If there is a hundredth part of a false note in speaking the truth, it leads to a discord, and that leads to trouble.

And however coarse the flattery, at least half will be sure seem to be true

If only a man is a gentleman, all the rest can be gained by talents, learning, good sense, genius.

I can buy a hat as easily as I can buy a bun; but what’s under the hat, what the hat covers, I can’t buy that!

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