Noteworthy Trivialities #4

Swearing has irrefutably become one of the most essential parts of our daily lives. Whether it is done consciously or otherwise, it sometimes helps in venting out anger and frustration. Because of lack of creativity, it is sometimes just too foul or rather boring to listen to or even speak out.swearing tips

Contemporology says, if you are doing it, do it in style. Don’t just insult people, referring them genitals of the either sexes or incest relationships or degradingly use the gender of a particular animal. Such words are now mundane and overused, so much so that it has lost its charm and effect.

Here are some ideas which effectively aid your everyday leisurely activity of swearing-

  1. Instead of calling someone dumb or stupid, use the word Nitwit. When you do that, the person you are referring to will most probably not understand the meaning of the word and feel inferior immediately or get confused. Consequently, he/she will become quiet and confused. Congratulations! You just insulted a person without making the situation worse. he he he…
  2. Crackpot– it’s such a nice word. The pot in English is (or used to be) sometimes referred to a person’s skull, so it basically means cracked skull. It can be used lightly or even aggressively.
  3. Reprehensible– someone (or something) deserving censure and condemnation.
  4. Devious– showing a skillful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals. This adjective is generally used for people like politicians, for how manipulative they are.
  5. Scoundrel– a dishonest or unscrupulous person
  6. Imbecile– it literally means a stupid person. But don’t use the word Imbecile, stupid, idiot or moron synonymously, as they don’t mean the same thing. In psychology, an idiot has the least intelligence on the IQ scale (this now is equivalent to someoneimbecile who is mentally retarded or the more politically correct “mentally challenged”); an imbecile is not quite as dumb as an idiot and is now considered equivalent to moderate retardation; a moron is then the highest level of intelligence for someone who is mentally retarded, thus considered as being mildly mentally retarded.  Specifically, those who have an IQ between 0 and 25 are idiots; IQs between 26 and 50 are considered imbeciles, and those who have an IQ between 51 and 70 are considered morons. These terms were popular in psychology as associated with intelligence on an IQ test until around the 1960s.  They were then replaced with the terms mild retardation, moderate retardation, severe retardation, and profound retardation.

In case you prefer phrases over one-word-insults, here are a few more examples.

  1. An incorrigible fool– be creative, replace fool with any other word. But please keep it classy.
  2. You worthless obnoxious person
  3. You greedy swine– Avoid referring to animals while swearing, because they are such innocent creature. In fact, if someone called me a dog or a bitch, I would take that as a compliment.
  4. You snake in the grass– someone who pretends to be your friend, while secretly doing things to harm you.
  5. You despicable/ abhorable/ abominable 
  6. You vile
  7. You blood sucking parasite 

Since you are now better equipped with a good variety of words and phrases, it is time to put it to test. Think of the most annoying person in the world, be it your colleague, your neighbor, your sibling, your landlord/landlady, your ex or a complete stranger. Visualise that person in your mind and say something classy! Lol! Now don’t just say it, write what you said in the comment section below.

Be creative, Ciao 🙂

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