Just Cool it! – Noteworthy Quotations


Just Cool It! is the latest book by Ian Hanington and David Suzuki. It is practical guide in understanding climate change a.k.a global warming. The book is divided into two sections i.e. the problems and the solutions. The initial part was one of the most stressful texts I have ever read, but part two in the other hand provides a relief by giving hope that we can still save our planet. 

It has been a challenge compiling noteworthy quotation from this book, as it is filled with eye popping facts, explanations, policy analysis, etc. I feel reading some of these quotes would add value to you day.

I hope you find this compilation interesting.

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nathaniel mckenzie
nathaniel mckenzie-8
nathaniel mckenzie-11

Since this is a serious and urgent issue, I encourage you to share this post or these shareable quotes with your friends and family. In case you need help in talking to people or taking any actions for protecting our planet, remember, help will always be given to those who seek it.

I borrowed that line from Dumbledore 😉

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