Noteworthy Triviality – Addiction to Stress

We all know that stress is a natural phenomenon to cope up with changes; but never did I ever hear of stress addiction, until a very special couple shared their wealth of knowledge with me and gave me the book – Being Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. My first reaction to it was – “Is that even real? Why and how would someone even get that kind of addiction?”

From what little I have read so far, I have learnt that when we think about things that have happened in the past or anticipate future events, our brain takes it literally and takes actions to deal with it. So the more I think of an unpleasant past incident or a worrisome anticipation, the more my brain takes it literally and increases my heart rate, arterial tension and testosterone production, and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone). Therefore, just by thinking ‘bad’ thoughts regularly, one can get this weird and damaging addiction.


A rush of blood – is something we all seek every time life gets monotonous, and sometimes to get that ‘rush’ we use our memories and imagination, and sometimes that becomes a strong driving force and a habit. The question is, wha impact does this habit have on us? It turns out, nobody can live under constant stress for a very long time.

As soon was I found this, I promised myself that henceforth, I will do the following –

  1. Make a journal entry everything I feel stressed or remember unpleasant memories and conclude it on a positive note;
  2. Read one good news everyday (and if possibly, tell that good news to someone);
  3. Name five things I am grateful for everyday;
  4. Constantly say positive reaffirmations to myself (even if I don’t believe in it much – because sometimes we need to fake it till we make it!); and lastly
  5. Stay in the present moment, instead of a future, past or virtual world.

In the end, one thing I am defiantly grateful is meeting this wonderful couple and Dr. Joe Dispenza who’s contagious enthusiasm for life and learning has taught me a valuable lesson – simply think good thoughts 🙂

There are a lot of people who are living under tremendous stress, especially during this pandemic. Please do share this noteworthy triviality with as many people as possible.

Warmest Regards ❤


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