When life gives you a lockdown

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, this lockdown is hitting everyone hard. It is a real test of your patience; either this pressure will make you a much stronger person or shatter you. And since you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you will come out of it much stronger, because following are five pointers that might propel you in the right direction –

Uplift your spirits   

“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up” This is what Alfred said to Batman when he lost everything his father built for him. You may feel similarly in this situation; and it is okay. It is important to remember that you picked yourself up in the past and you can do it agin. 

And remember; this too shall pass.

Uplift others

Did you know that loneliness is a global problem and scientists believe that it can be as bad for your heath as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being severely overweight?! If you are feeling lonesome, so is one third of the world under lockdown. Use technology to connect to people, specially the ones who need our moral support, perhaps the elderly.

Years later when you will look back and remember this Pandemic, you will be so proud of yourself for thinking of others in times of crisis.

Skill development

What a wonderful opportunity this is to polish your skills or acquire new ones! It could be improving your English while watching Schitt’s Creek, because trust me, Moira Rose’s vocabulary is admirable (even for a native speaker).

Language learning applications, YouTube tutorials for DIYs, sketching, cooking, whatever you can imagine exists and acquiring a new skill is literally on your finger tips. I don’t have to elaborate on that, do I?

Plan ahead

Pandemic sucks for human being and but did you read about how wonderful it is for the environment? Maybe this is a reminder for all of us to bring a much awaited change in our lifestyle! Maybe it is a chance to introspect on how we can make a positive change for our home, Earth. And who said change is easy?

Read about how you can make your life environmentally sustainable, discuss it with your family and friends and prepare for it. 

If you think you cannot do anything about it (which by the way is highly unlikely) the least you can do is prepare yourself mentally for it and set your expectations right.

Get creative

I randomly text my friends to make sure they are doing okay. So I recently texted this friend  (who is also very dashing) asking him how he is doing and he told me about this “Taskmaster” thing he does with his friends, where everyone on a weekly basis take turns to assign one task to everyone in a group and everyone has to do it, for that week he was to recreate a music video! He was brave enough to share it with me and I laughed so hard after watching it, that my stomach hurt! But hands down that was the most entertaining this I saw in the last few weeks, perhaps months!

So yes, get together with your friends and do some ridiculously funny stuff!

To sum up, when life gives you a lockdown, make it worth your while!

Take care ❤

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