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Will Artificial Intelligence replace Lawyers and Judges?

Artificial Intelligence revolution, just like the last Industrial Revolution is set to change our lives, demographics and environment forever and maybe even solve some of the most crucial issues of our times.

A reminder for every leader: from The Hobbit

Time traveling has been getting more adventurous for me. Last time I hitchhiked from eastern China to India; this time however, I went to a time centuries ago when there were … Continue reading A reminder for every leader: from The Hobbit

What replaced Oil as the most valuable commodity?

psst! it’s not solar energy

Climate Change Crisis Simplified

There are two kinds of people in this contemporary world- those who believe that our Earth is warming due to human activities and those who think global warming is a hoax. Lately, however, there has been an evolution of the third category of people. They are the educated ones, with enormous potential. They believe that human induced global warming is real and preach about it, debate about it, but take no action.